Behringer Wireless Microphones- ULM Series

Behringer have some interesting news for all you performers and DJ’s. The high quality German engineers from Behringer have designed and released its own digital wireless microphone to be used with its own selected products.

The Behringer ULM series microphones comes in two different packages the ULM100USB and the ULM202USB. The ULM100USB includes 1 wireless microphone and 1 USB receiver. The ULM202USB include 2 wirleless microphones and 1 USB receiver.

The ULM Series allows users that have selected existing Behringer products to attach a USB dongle and have wireless microphones connected to it. The ULM Series microphone  uses 2.4 GHz ISM band that allows license-free use on a worldwide basis, integrated volume up and down buttons on handheld microphone, ultra-compact USB receiver with dual mode analog/digital audio interface and a high-quality microphone capsule for dedicated vocal applications.

The ULM Series also can be connected with OSX and windows devices for home recording such as karaoke. To see if the ULM is compatible with your existing Behringer products please contact our friendly staff at DJ City. The ULM start from around $160 (AUD)

If you have any further enquiries please come down and see our friendly staff at DJ City or contact us here.


Behringer X-Touch Series

Behringer have just released their all new X Touch MIDI Controller Series including the X touch, the X Touch Compact, and the X Touch Mini. The X Touch allows you control over your favorite DAW, a network system such as the X-Air Systems, and control over software. Each X Touch System has its own purpose.

The X Touch Mini is the smallest of all the X Touch series and also at the cheapest price starting at $149. The X Touch Mini has 8 rotary knobs and 16 buttons key functions to control all your parameters with built in LED-collars for easy adjustments. The X Touch has a Dual-Layer mode allowing you to change between DAW and instrument control.


The X Touch Compact is the ‘Compact’ version of all the X Touch starting at $849. The X Touch Compact 9 touch-sensitive and fully-automated motorized faders, 16 rotary encoder and 39 buttons key functions to control all your parameters with built in LED-collars for easy adjustments. The X Touch has a Dual-Layer mode allowing you to change between DAW and instrument control.

The X Touch is the most powerful of all the X Touch starting at $1249. The X Touch 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive motorized faders, 8 dynamic LCD Scribble Strips which display an instant overview of track names and parameters, 16 rotary knobs and 92 buttons key functions to control all your parameters with built in LED-collars for easy adjustments. The X Touch has built in 2 in and 2 out USB MIDI interface for a direct connection to Mac or PC computer and also a n external MIDI device The X Touch also has a large jog wheel, 2 footswitch connectors, a 2 ported multi-TT USB hub for further operation




Brand New Beamz Haze Machines H2000 !


The beams all new Faze machine has hit our shores and is currently in store at DJ City. The Beamz H2000 is a 1700Watt faze machine that uses water based smoke fluid that creates a fine mist over a crowd and or stage allowing you to enhance your light show even more. The fantastic Haze machine by Beamz is a quick and easy set up that takes little to no time to get up and running for your events.

The Beamz H2000 is a perfect for any application if it be a party, small venue, restaurant, or even events. The H2000 has the ability to be ran through DMX as a 2 channel mode with smoke output volume or a deceleration or acceleration of the fan. If DMXing isn’t your thing, the H2000 has a super easy Digital LED Display that can control a timed output, a manual output, a continuous output and more. The 1700 Watt faze machine has a 2 to 3 minute warm up time allowing your show to be ready when available.

DJ City has been stocking these items for over a month now and are quickly selling as the unit is on $299. Come down to each of our 4 stores in Sydney and Melbourne or even give us a call about these machine.


Beamz All New Mega Cluster 600mW RGB Lazer

The Mega Cluster is a RGB 600mW lazer with built in Sound Activation and Automatic programmed settings an ideal option for smaller venues and Mobile DJs. Fast and Silent,this lazer will not last long on shelves. The Mega Cluster has built in adjustable sound sensitivity options also including adjustable speeds.

The Mega Cluster is best known as our cheapest Red Green and Blue lazer able to be ran in either DMX and Stand-alone mode. The Mega Cluster is ran in a 6 channel DMX mode to improve your light show further more. With 3-PIN XLR DMX input and Ouput, the Mega Cluster will be able to run with all of your other DMX controlled lights.

For Automatic and Sound Activated modes, the Mega Cluster has a built in LED Display controll pannel replacing the old annoying dip switches that everyone hates. If DMXing takes too long or cant choose between Automatic or Sound Active settings, the Mega Cluster can be controlled via a wireless infrared remote (IR Remote).

As stated before we currently have no stock YET though the Mega Cluster will be able to Pre Ordered and sent as soon as they hit our shores at DJ City. As always, DJ City is open Monday to Saturday so give us a call or even better yet come into our stores in Melbourne and Sydney.


ElectroVoice Arrives at DJ City

DJ City is proud to annouce we have just signed on with one of the indutrsy most trusted and recognised speaker brands, Electro Voice. This amazing speaker brand, affectionately know as EV, have been producing high quality speakers and PA for decades, and it shows in the performance and quality of each range.

We have confirmed 3 great ranges from Electrovoice; ZLX, EKX, and ETX ranges, each boating an amazing sound clarity and frequency response that will blow you away.

ElectroVoice ZLX Range

The EV ZLX range is the ideal speaker system for mobile DJs, bands, and performing groups wanting a great sounding lightweight PA speaker that won’t break the bank. Available in both a 12-Inch (ZLX-12P) and a 15-Inch (ZLX-15P) size, each featuring EV’s renown bass drivers, and powered by a 1000W class-D amplifier with built-in DSP presets for fast tuning and speaker adjustment.


ElectroVoice EKX Range

The EV EKX range is one of the most popular speaker ranges with the perfect balance of power, amazing clarity, and low end response (it really has to be hear to be believed). Currently available in a 15-Inch active speaker (EKX-15P) size, and 15-Inch active subwoofer (EKX-15SP). And are powered with the latest class-D technology with on-board DSP presets and 1500W (EKX-15P) of power. This is the perfect setup for any serious DJ or band wanting to raise the roof.

ElectroVoice ETX Range

The EV EKX range feature the best that Electro Voice has to offer, using powerful 2000W class-D amplifiers with on-board DSP and PA management for optimal sound, and an unbelievable sound and response that will leave you speechless. These are the ideal boxes for industry professionals needing high-performance sound for their events and shows. Avaialble in a 15-Inch full-range active speaker (ETX-15P) and an 18-Inch active subwoofer (ETX-18SP).

Come and check these amazing speakers and subwoofers out today. On display instore at our 3 Melbourne showrooms and available for purchase Australia wide online.


All New Razor Series! – Razor 500 & 510

Beamz has just release their new moving head Razor series that will be available at all DJ City Stores within the next few weeks. Both moving heads have a very fast and silent pan and tilt making them an ideal option for smaller venues and Mobile DJs. The Razor500 and the Razor510 both have built in sound reactive mode with an adjustable sound sensitivity option also including automatic programs with adjustable speeds.

The Razor500 has a beam angle of 5 degrees making it a perfect mini spot light. With 4 15Watt OSRAM LEDs the Razor500 is able to chose practically any colour with the built in Red, green, blue, and white LEDs with an adjustable dimmer. If choosing your light may be a bit tedious, there are 9 present colours at your disposal.

Unlike the Razor500, the Razor510 has an adjustable beam angle of 5 degrees to 45 degrees allowing you to use the light as either a spot light or a wash light. The Razor510 can either be ran as a 13 channel or 19 channel moving head alowing more options for your light show. The Razor510 also has 4 15 Watt OSRAM LEds that are also Red, Green, Blue, and White.

With both lights on their way to DJ City as we speak, these lights will not stay long on our shelves. The Razor Series are able to be Pre-Ordered simply give us a call at any of our DJ City Stores or even come into the store and put a deposit down. When we have the Razor series in stock we defiantly will have these on display.


LD Systems GT Series



All new to Australia from the technological audio geniuses that are LD Systems, is the PA solution you have been dreaming about. Did you say you needed reliability, power and clarity? Well here at DJ City, that is basically how we spell LD Systems. The new GT series of professional PA speakers has hit our shores running, and for good reason.

This exciting new range introduces 5 quality boxes designed and engineered by LD to the highest standard so as to provide you with a deep, rich soundscape in a surrounding that not only enhances the sound clarity but also resonates beautifully through the sturdy wooden frame.

With two options of sub size (15″ or 18″) both boasting a huge 1600W of Peak power each, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. Pairing these bass beasts with their higher frequency brothers, puts you behind one of the best sounding PA’s you will ever here in their price range.

Each speaker features low frequency transducers and Celestion compression drivers, powered by state-of-the-art Digital D-Class amplifiers providing you with incredible sound reinforcement in an efficiently weighted unit.

For a demo and further info, talk to one of the friendly staff members at your closest DJ City store!


Steinberg Cubase DAW Production Software

DJ City welcomes Steinberg’s digital audio workstation (DAW) production software to all of its stores. Cubase combines 30 years of Steinberg’s expertise knowledge to develop the most cutting edge DAW made for musicians and enthusiast alike. If you may be a performer, producer, sound engineer, song writer, composer or  an enthusiast Cubase is the leading DAW to use. Cubase have collated industry leading sound quality, advanced audio and midi tools, intuitive handling for users to easily record, edit, mix and compose ideas.

DJ City has 3 Cubase options for all skill levels, starting from beginner to professional. DJ City also offers educational prices for students who are currently enrolled within Australian Institutes. Please ask our staff if you are eligible for educational pricing.

Download your trial version here.

CUBASE Elements 8 

Ideal for: Home recordists, bands, singer/songwriters, creative musicians
32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine
24 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix up to 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks
24 instrument tracks
16 VST instrument slots

CUBASE Artist 8.5

Ideal for: Seasoned musicians, project studio owners, bands
32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine
32 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix up to 64 audio and 128 MIDI tracks
32 instrument tracks
32 VST instrument slots

CUBASE Pro 8.5

Ideal for: Professional producers, mixing engineers, composers
32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine with 5.1 surround support
256 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks
Unlimited instrument tracks
64 VST instrument slots

To get your copy of Cubase come into your nearest DJ City and our friendly staff will help you, if you cant make it in and would like to make an online purchase please goto our website.



Sennheiser HD25 Range

Sometimes a product is so good, it doesn’t need to be updated. Sometimes they do it anyway. Introducing the new Sennheiser HD 25 DJ industry standard headphones which are now available in a range of models to suit your individual needs and budget.

The Sennheiser HD 25′s, with their popular lightweight and versatile design, are the flagship model and go-to headphones for professional DJs around the world. They have been given an overhaul and upgraded making them the ultimate sidekick to your DJ arsenal.

The HD 25′s now feature new aluminium voice coil drivers for extreme precision and maintain their well known flat and expansive, 16Hz – 20kHz frequency response allowing you to accurately hear the whole track. Coupled with comfortable isolating ear cups and a huge 120dB SPL means you won’t miss a beat.

Available in standard, SP (lite version) and PLUS models, the Sennheiser HD 25′s are the perfect addition to to your kit. The full range along with other Sennheiser models are available now at all DJ City stores. Call in to pick up your pair today!


Reloop Beatpad2 Mk2 Cross platform MIDI & iPad Controller

Reloop’s newly released BeatPad2 have arrived into all DJ City Stores. The long anticipated wait has finally come and DJ City are excited to announce that this cross platform controller will change the game for portable DJ’s that need to mix on the go.

The Beatpad2 is compatible with Mac, PC and Android options though it has also integrated the use of iOS devices such as iPads, iPods and iPhones. Algoriddim DJAY 2 software is easily installed from you Appstore and runs natively if you were to use any iOS device. No other hardware offers such versatile support, and inside the box with the BeatPad 2 are USB, Apple Lightning and Android OTG cables.

Like most high performance controllers the BeatPad 2 is equipped with a slicer, loop, sampler and dynamic multi-effect controls. With a 8 multi-coloured pads per deck (16 altogether) that allow you to; colour code your cues, advance loop, slice your beats and sample, your creative possibilities are endless.

Connections are also well thought out with two headphone connections on the front side, two master outputs (XLR and RCA), two headphone connections on the front side and even an aux input for external devices on the back of the device.

The Reoop BeatPad2 is now available at all DJ City Stores starting at $599, feel free to give us a call at our stores for more information and to set up a purchase over the phone or set up a date to come into our stores.