New Instore Pricing

April 24th, 2014


DJ City is again leading the way with the introduction of a new innovative pricing structure allowing a special “in-store price” that became live earlier this month. This new price is designed to offer you better prices instore on items with free shipping factored into their price, and is part of DJ City’s promise to have the best price and customer service.

To keep things fair for instore customers the special prices are only available in-store for pick-up orders, and cannot be purchased online, over the phone, or instore for order requiring delivery.

For a list of products that currently have this amazing new pricing system in place, visit the DJ City webpage, and click the “In-Store” tab at the top menu selection. Or simply click here for a direct link.

New JBL PRX 700 Series

March 13th, 2014

After much anticipation the New JBL PRX 700 series have finally been released in Australia, and it was well worth the wait.

The new PRX700 series have definitely raise the bar as far as quality, portability, and performance are concerned… Each cabinet features a high tech digital class-D amplifier capable of delivering a monsterous 1500watts peak output. And when combined with super efficient drivers, and strong wooden cabinets you get some serious sound.

The PRX700 series features a full range of mid-highs, each with a 1500Watt class-D amplifier making them are perfect for mobile entertainers, installations, and PA applications.

  • PRX710 Active 10″ Speaker from $1149
  • PRX712 Active 12″ Speaker from $1249
  • PRX715 Active 15″ Speaker from $1399
The 700 series also include 2 tower models bot h capable of  larger scale sound reproduction and clarity. Perfect for larger events and venues where you need the best possible sound without using baulky speaker arrays.
  • PRX725 Active Dual 15″ PA Tower from $1749
  • PRX735 Active 3-Way PA Tower from $1749


And to compliment the mid-high and tower range are the 2x PRX700 series subwoofers that feature the same leading Class-D amplifier that is used throughout the range. These are the perfect addition to provide more bottom end and help balance your sound.

  • PRX715XLF Active 15″ Subwoofer from $1699
  • PRX718XLF Active 18″ Subwoofer from $1849


This complete new range is now stocked and available from all DJ City stores, with our best price guarantee.


How to Create the Best Party Lighting Rig

March 11th, 2014

“How do I create the best lighting rig for my next gig?”

Its a question that Mobile DJs and Bands ask themselves every gig or event they attend, and with so many lighting options these days it can be very hard to decide what the best ones for you are. So we have devised an easy and effect guide to show you what you need to be looking for.


Party lighting is the most common type of lighting on the market today, widely used by DJs and Bands to create an exciting and energetic party atmosphere.

The best formula for building an eye-catching ‘Party Lighting’ rig is;

  • Incorporate a variety of effect types that compliment each other and add to the end result.
  • Use lighting stands to elevate you lights above the crowd, this gives you maximum coverage.
  • Adding an atmospheric effects like a fog machine or hazer can bring a new element to the set-up, but be careful not to over use them
  • Have a special “wow” effect. Whether a strobe or laser, you want something that is turned on and off throughout the night to create a build-up, or extra excitement

The next step in building the lighting rig is choosing the lighting fixtures, and effects. This comes down to the your personal style, taste, and budget.

Combining a variety of effects that compliment each other is the key.

  • Wash lights: will throw a lot of colour and look great on the dance floor or behind you, the AVE led-par64B is a great budget-friendly example and supports linking of multiple units for a synchronized effect.
  • Party Effects: are lights that project a variety of beams that move or spin (usually to the music) and break up the solid colours of the wash effects. The Chauvet Cubix2.0 or Circus2.0 are the more popular fixtures in the category.
  • Atmospheric Effects: like smoke machines and hazers, allows the beams of  your lighting effects to show. This adds a new element to your effect lights that can enhance there look.
  • Lasers and Strobes: lasers and strobes are special effects, and are best used at intervals during the night. Leaving them on the whole night loses the “wow” effect of the light. We highly recommend using lasers with atmospheric effects to get the best effect.
  • Professional Lighting Effects: are specialized effects that can perform a multitude of effects, and include; moving heads, scanners, LED displays, etc. These are usually used in bigger lighting rigs and create movement (scanners/moving heads), colour, and beaming when used with a fog or haze machine.
The last step is think how you want to present your fixtures, and how you want the lighting rig to look as a whole.
  • Lighting Stands: form the structure of your rig, allowing you to raise your lights and maximize their effectiveness and range. The most common type is the T-Bar stand, though more and more entertainers are investing in Trussing systems which are stronger and look more professional.
  •  Accessories: are a great way to jazz up your lighting rig, with the use of uplighting, fascades, or scrims. Accessories are what help you stand out from the crowd and enhance the over look of the rig.

Contact us today for the best advise, and latest deals on your next lighting rig.


New Member of the Family

February 27th, 2014

The Chauvet Intimidator family of moving heads has just received a new brother, the Indimidator 350 Wash. This amazing fixtures joins the highly sought after Intimidator 350 series of fixtures, and are preferred world wide by lighting professionals for their “punch to weight” ration, and low power consumption compared to their halogen ‘counter parts’. And were recently featured in Melbourne’s “White Night” festival displays.

The new Intimidator Wash 350 is a powerful moving head wash effect that utilizes 7 high powered 20W quad colour (RGBW) LEDs to deliver strong and vibrant colour. The fixture also features a motorized zoom function that allows you to change the beam angle from 14° to 58° making it suitable for multitude of applications.

The wash 350 also includes the latest technologies like zone control, full colour LCD display screen, Chauvet IRC-6 compatibility, and the latest high speed motors for fast and smooth movement.

The Intimidator Wash350 is due to arrive mid May 2014, with an estimated street price of $1,499.

New Age Vinyl DJs

February 18th, 2014

In the last few years vinyl has become increasingly popular with DJs who seem to be looking at reconnecting with the roots of DJing, but with a new modern twist…

The new age DJs are bridging the era gap of vinyl and MIDI DJing with a recent innovation, the ‘DVS’ or ‘Digital Vinyl System’. A DVS system is comprised of 3 main components; DJ Software, an Interface, and Timecode.

But how do you get an analogue turntable to interface with a digital software?”


Digital Vinyl Systems function by using a time-coded vinyl that contains a continuous encoded sine wave, this is then sent into an interface which reads the and converts the sine wave speed and playback direction into digital data. This is then fed into your laptop or computer, from there your DJ software uses the data to control the software.

“so when you scratch on your DVS the computer is reading the difference in speed (how fast your pulling or pushing the vinyl) and the direction (if you are pushing forward, or pulling back on the vinyl).”

The digital audio signal from the computer is then fed back into the audio interface which converts the signal back into an analogue sound and into your mixer where you control the volume, EQ, and crossfader. The whole cycle takes less than a split second, giving no audible delays from turntable control to audio playback.

So you can see the appeal of a DVS to modern DJs and Scratch DJs wanting the feel of vinyl but without having to carry around heavy create of vinyl.

The leader of the new age Digital Vinyl Systems is German Company Native Instruments. Featuring the latest tools and features that DJs can you to expand their sound, and develop new ways to scratch or mix. And DJ City is helping you out with 3 new complete DVS packages.

  • The Reloop PK-RP8000, featuring the latest vinyl turntables on the market, along with Native Instruments flagship Kontrol Z2 DJ / MIDI Mixer with 2x timecode vinyls & the full version of  Traktor Scratch Pro 2, all for just $1,989


  • The PK-RP7000IQ, which combines Reloop’s latest technologies all in the one package. With 2x RP-7000 tunrtable, IQ2 DJ Mixer with built-in interface, and 2x timecode vinyls for easy plug and play with Traktor Scratch Pro 2. Only $1,399
  • The PK RP-7000 is a customised package for todays DJs, whether your in a club, a mobile DJ or just practicing… this pack has you covered. Including 2x Reloop RP-7000 professional analogue turntables, 2-Channel Behringer VMX100-USB DJ Mixer, and the Native Instruments Scratch A6 digital vinyl kit with Traktor Scratch Pro 2.  at $1,499.

These packages are perfect for any level of DJ and will help you to expand your music and skill set to a whole new level.



Native Instruments Special

February 6th, 2014

With Valentines Day fast approaching Native Instruments are sharing the love, with some hot new specials to get you going.


The world renown Traktor Kontrol S4mkII has dropped $200, and includes the full version of Traktor PRO 2.6

Featuring 4-deck playback, iOS compatibility for the Traktor app, restyled jog wheels, and the inclusion of Flux Mode for active live remixing… This is one of the most powerful controllers on the market. Now available, for a limited time, for $899.


The Traktor Kontrol S2mkII has also been slashed for a limited time by $100.

With easy to manage 2-Deck control, iOS compatibility, Flux mode button, and more… This is the perfect controller for any starting or professional DJ, with loads of features and tools that you can use to enhance your mixes. Now on sale for just $599. Stocks are limited so don’t miss out.


The last item Native Instruments included in the special sale with the craziest price is the awesome Traktor Kontrol Z2 hybrid MIDI mixer.

This powerful mixer is an analogue mixer with high quality Audio interface and USB MIDI capabilities for use with Traktor Scratch Pro 2. Supplied with the full version of Traktor Scratch Pro2, and 2x Timecode CDs + 2x Timecode Vinyl for easy connect and play with any existing system.

You can get all of this for the crazy price of $799

The Modern Day Turntable

January 28th, 2014

German based company Reloop is making waves with its recent release of 2 new RP- series of turntables, each packed with features and specs.

These modern day turntables are modeled off the same world famous Technics SL1200 that has been industry club standard for decades. Reloops 2 new models; the RP-7000, and RP-8000 both feature a beautifully finished black chassis, polished silver fittings, 4.3kg/cm torque direct drive platters, smooth full sized pitch fader, and includes quarz lock.


Reloop’s RP-7000 is the new analogue turntable, designed to replicate the features and abilities that DJs use in the club standard players. With both phono and line outputs this player is now easier than ever to connect to your favourite DJ mixer.

Using the highest quality components and latest technologies have allowed Reloop to create a turntable that will stand the test of time without costing a small fortune. In fact the RP-7000 is just $499ea!


The RP-8000 from Reloop is an exact copy of the RP-7000 but with a few key improvements. The RP-8000 features a unique hybrid of analog and digital technology allowing this turntable to not just play your favorite vinyl, but also connect to your favorite DJ software and act as both a controller and soundcard.The addition of this hybrid technology gives the RP-8000 digital pitch fader display, and MIDI controlls including 8 buttons that can be assigned to loops, cues, samples and more when using DJ software.

The RP-8000 is still reasonably priced, despite  having all these features and MIDI capabilities, at only $699.


On display at a DJ City showroom near you, or call us today to arrange your next pro DJ setup.

DJ City Christmas Ideas

December 10th, 2013


Are you struggling to find something for a friend or loved one?

DJ City has a range of great stocking fillers and ideas for the best Christmas present ever, stocking everything from DJ gear to PA and Lighting, you are bound to find the perfect present.

If they are crazy about all things music, then why not start them off with a basic DJ MIDI Controller like the Numark ‘DJ2GO’ $79.95 or the  Gemini Firstmix $69, or for the more advance DJ’s the New Native Instrument Kontrol S4mkII for $1,099 with free heaphones and carry case.


Another great Christmas idea is lighting, like the 1200watt smoke machine Beamz S1200mk2 for $59 with wired and wireless remote, perfect for mobile DJs and parties. Or the amazing AVE Gladiator Star-burst Laser effect on sale for $99, perfect for parties, DJs, or even the Christmas display.


For more great Christmas present ideas and the latest products visit our website, or visit one of our 4 showrooms and speak to our friendly staff.

New Mackie SRM Series

November 28th, 2013


Mackie have just unveiled their newest range of High-Definition Active Loudspeaker, the SRM Series.

This series features a dramatic improvement on the older Thump series and have raise the bar as far as power, performance, and portability are concerned. All the units feautr Mackie‘s latest “built like a tank” cabinets that are all wood constructions and internally braced for extra strength with durable polymer paint finish that is scratch and chip resistant. But the coolest thing about the new SRM boxes are the Class-D 1600watt peak power amps! This enormous power allows the unit to deliver powerful sound without running out of “headroom” to ensure that your sound is always clear and crisp.

The SRM Mid-Highs series also feature Mackie‘s latest innovation, the quick one-button Speaker Mode selection for application-specific voicing (PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist). This is a preset EQ that will help you get the best from your speakers no matter what your application is.

This new SRM range from Mackie include 3 models;

 An Active 12″ Loudspeaker capable of 132dB SPL Max

  • SRM650 – $1299 (RRP $1599)

 An active 15″ Loudspeaker capable of 133dB SPL Max

 An active 18″ Subwoofer with adjustable frequency and 132dB SPL Max

Now on display at our Dandenong showroom. Come in store to hear this awesome series in action, or call one of our sales team for our best package deals.



Mirrorball Madness

November 22nd, 2013

The mirror ball is one of the oldest lighting effect fixtures in the world, entertaining party goers from as far back as the 1920′s. And today it is still one of the most popular effects at parties across the globe. Ranging in sizes from the 10cm (4″) party sized up to a massive 150cm (60″) mirror ball that would bee seen at music festivals.

The latest Brighlight Mirror balls has landed and just in time for the Christmas / New Years party season. Manufactured to the highest stand each one of our LMB mirror balls is covered top to bottom in highly reflective 10 x 10mm glass panels, and a dual mounting point for Mirror ball motor and safety wire. Available in 7 sizes and with price from as little as $39, there is a mirror ball to suit any sized party.

  • LMB12 – A 12″ (30cm) Mirror ball, perfect for mobile DJs, Parties, and Bands
  • LMB16 – A 16″ (40cm) Mirror ball, great for small clubs, bars, and function venues, as well as DJs and Bands.
  • LMB20 – A 20″ (50cm) Mirror ball, ideal for clubs, bars, and function venues, as well as DJs and Bands.
  • LMB24 – A 24″ (60cm) Mirror ball, perfect for larger venues, reception centers, and clubs.
  • LMB30 - A 30″ (75cm) Mirror ball, suited for larger venues, reception centers, and clubs.
  • LMB40 – A 40″ (100cm) Mirror ball for large events, theater and events.
  • LMB60 – A 60″ (150cm) Mirror ball to suit music festivals, filmed productions, and super clubs
Visit our friendly staff today at one of our 4 locations across Australia, or order online with fast delivery across Australia.