LD DAVE8 Roadie. Instock within all DJ City Stores.

The Dave is back and this time more versatile then ever! With the finest in German engineering, LD have created the perfect mobile set up for Dj’s and Muso’s alike. Featuring LD’s unrivalled build quality and sound definition, the LD Dave 8 Roadie is the unquestionable answer to almost any scenario, from home theatre, studio, karaoke, solo or duo sets and even mobile Dj performances.

With a powerful 8″ Subwoofer and two studio quality satellites (2x 4″, 1x 1″ Drivers per satellite) equalling a combined peak power of 1400 Watts! LD have taken the already incredible Dave system and added a 3 channel mixer, built right in to the sub! No need to worry about fumbling around with messes of cables and finding enough power outlets for all your gear.

A microphone input, a laptop/cd player input and a 3.5mm jack for mp3 players + 6.3mm Jack for guitar with an input selector. A phase reverse switch, bi-amplified sub for powering the satellites and a built in limiter protection system make the Dave 8 Roadie all you need to get your show on the road.

One outlet, one superb sounding system and the world to impress with your set.

On display at select DJ City showrooms today. Come down and talk to our friendly staff about the best solutions for you. These great products are also available online with fast delivery across Australia.

PIONEER- DDJ-RZ Professional Dj Controller. COMING SOON..

Pioneer welcomes the new flagship controller from its DDJ series, the ‘DDJ-RZ’. The DDJ-RZ aka “RZ” is the first native controller to work in-conjunction with Pioneer’s performance software ‘Rekordbox DJ’.

The DDJ-RZ gives you the flexibility of preparing your tracks on the go with Rekordbox and to get creative with the plug and play option directly from your laptop. With 2 large jog wheels inherited from the famous CDJ-2000NXS, a in-built 4 channel mixer with dual and quad deck control the DDJ-RZ also includes the 16 large back lit performance pads that trigger your custom quantized effects, hot cues, slicer and sampler. Built with custom sound Colour FX’s such as space, jet, pitch and filter meaning your creative ideas are virtually endless. Pioneer have also adopted from the DDJ-SZ the ‘OSC Sampler’ thus allowing you to sample and manipulate your own samples or the preset sounds such as ‘Noise, Sine, Siren, Horn’. Pioneer have included an enhanced contact-free magnetic crossfader thus extending the longevity of the crossfader and allowing your cuts to be tighter than ever.

This is a controller not to be missed, our DJ City team are excited to reveal the  highly anticipated ‘DDJ-RZ’.The ‘DDJ-RZ’ is due to Land in DJ City store in October, we’ll be taking pre-orders so for those of you wanting to be the first one to get your hands on this new flagship controller from Pioneer, contact our Head Office on Ph: 03 9706 5359, or of course come in-store and see the unit on display once the first shipment arrives.

AVE Cobra Wash King

The long awaited Cobra Wash King has arrived at all DJ City stores. The ‘Cobra Wash King’ is the first installment of professional moving heads from AVE. The ‘King Cobra’ is also the successor and bigger brother of the popular mini moving wash the ‘Cobra Wash 200′.

The King Cobra has an affordable price tag at just $399 each and more of a discount if your get two or more. It features 9 powerful 15watt LED’s, quad colour LED’s (Red, Green, Blue, White), in-built macro movements, sound activated and stand alone modes. The King Cobra is a robust, heavy duty fixture that will give any other moving head are run for its money. The super light weight fixture only weighs 6.5kgs and can be fixed to trussing as it includes a heavy duty mounting bracket. Absolutely a necessity for club installs or mobile djing.

If you are serious about your lighting and want a fixture that is bang for buck the ‘Cobra Wash King’ is not to be missed. To get your hands on this superior light give your local Dj City a call, or come into store for a demo.

Please visit http://www.djcity.com.au/cobrawash-king for more details.


MACKIE Free Play Portable PA System.

Okay guys, no time for chitchat with this one, Mackie have packed so much into the new FreePlay Portable PA System and you need to know about this!

With FreePlay your search is over. This portable speaker for every application is the full package, an 8” driver for a true bass response, powered with D-Cell batteries, included AC power supply or optional Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (with a huge 10 hour maximum battery life), 2 Dual XLR-1/4” Jack inputs to plug in a mic or a guitar, 16 on-board effects and Bluetooth connectivity for not only your tunes but mixing the whole lot on your phone with the free app for iOS and Android devices.

The FreePlay Connect app puts the controls in the palm of your hand with the capability of controlling all of your input levels, individual effects and 4 speaker EQ voicing’s (also accessible via unit).

CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot LED-100 IRC Moving Head Spot

New to the Chauvet Intimidator Family comes the pocket-sized brother the Chauvet Intimidator Spot 100 IRC we all have been waiting for.

The Intimidator Spot 100 is a lightweight LED Moving Head perfect for mobile applications and is remote controllable for easy set ups and pack downs. Utilize built-in, rapid-movement macros to minimize programming time.Construct a synchronized light show with master and slave modes using built in, automated programs with the new LED screen, or DMX control and enhance any light show.

The Intimidator Spot 100 has a wopping 10W LED for such a small unit and a staggering 3,280 lux at 2 metres to illuminate all areas at all shows, little or large the Intimidator caters for all. Separate color wheels and gobo wheels to maximize lighting options at a 13° Beam Angle

The Intimidator Spot 100 IRC has already hit Australian shores and is currently in stock at all DJ City stores affordable prices. The Intimidator Spot 100 IRC fits best in the Chauvet CHS-40 Gear Bag for an extremely affordable price for transport show to show.

MACKIE Compact Mix Series.

As always with Mackie, new quality products are just around the corner and we certainly haven’t been disappointed with the latest arrival. Introducing the new Mackie Mix series. A compact mixer with a solid design and all the gadgets required for the everyday straightforward application.

Keeping with the traditional quality we have come to expect from Mackie, the Mix series is built with what is important in mind – superb pre-amps, strong durable design, dedicated FX send, phantom power and a rich parametric EQ which allows you to really shape your mix, not to mention the powerful effects processor available in the Mix12FX model.

The rugged, roadworthy design is a welcome sight for the gigging muso, able to stand up the to even the roughest jobs. This means you can take your high quality, great sounding mixer to all your shows (even the sketchy ones) and not have to worry.

All of this value in a perfectly compact size with an affordable price tag? Sign me up! If you think this is the mixer your rig is missing, come down to DJ City and talk to our friendly staff for a demo.

Traktor Kontrol S5 DJ Controller COMING SOON…

Traktor Kontrol s5 DJ Midi Controller

After the release of Native Instruments flagship DJ controller the Traktor Kontrol S8, finally we see the New arrival of the smaller more compact 4 channel version in the Traktor Kontrol S5, this latest instalment includes Large full color screens for each Deck side along with 8 trigger Pads which controller a vast array of different features and functions throughout Traktor, and of course Traktor’s latest innovation of there software STEMS Ready.

Great things are expected from the Kontrol S5, after the massive success of Native Instruments release of the Kontrol S4 and its world-renowned popularity, literally being one of the highest selling DJ controllers of all time. The Kontrol S5 hopes to fill the void as the S4 graduates into its mature years.

Embracing NI’s new and slightly controversial movement of DJ controllers without Jog wheels the Kontrol S5 is designed as an interactive tool for the user to DJ in a more creative way then ever before. Allowing your eyes to gaze over the S5′s two vivid high-res displays allowing you to focus on the mix through the controller and not on the computer screen above, avoiding the popular saying “Serato Face”

The Kontrol S5 is due to Land in DJ City store in October, we’ll be taking pre-orders so for those of you wanting to be the first one to get your hands on this NEW amazing piece of DJ gear, contact our Head Office on Ph: 03 9706 5359, or of course come in-store and see the unit on display once the first shipment arrives.

Arturia Arrives

DJ City is proud to announce that we will now be stocking the renown synthesizer and MIDI controller brand Arturia. This amazing company has been innovators in the music industry for over 12 years with their unique analog emulation technology and more recently high end MIDI controllers and keyboards.

The new Arturia range includes the popular Arturia KeyLab Hybrid MIDI keyboards, 2x Spark Pad controller bundles, Arturia Spark and one of Arturia’s latest innovations the Arturia BeatStep. All units are manufactured to the highest standard and you can tell just by looking and feeling the controllers that it is a quality product, free from flaws.

On display at select DJ City showrooms today. Come down and talk to our friendly staff about the best solutions for your home studio or production suite. These great products are also available online with fast delivery across Australia.

Clean up your Audio!

One of the most common questions we get here at DJ City is “how do I get the best sound from my set-up?

Its a very good question and one that varies on a few different factors, so here is a quick guide to help you achieve the best sound from your system.

Spit your frequencies

By adding a professional crossover to your system you can control what frequencies your Mid-Highs are playing, and what frequencies are being direct to the subs. What this will do is help to increase the efficiency of each box making the sound cleaner and clearer. There are quite a number of crossovers on the market from the entry level Behringer CX3400 to the more robust DBX branded ones.

Create ‘Headroom’

Too often we hear DJs and Bands trying to push their system to the limit, but instead of getting loud quality sound they end up with muddy or distorted sound. This is because they have run out of ‘headroom’, this happens when you push the average volume too high then when you have a loud sound (like a kick drum) go through it causes the system to clip or ‘peak’. But there is a simple device that exists that will help to free up some of that space, they are know as compressors. These will actively reduce any overly loud sounds that would cause the system to peak without affecting the average volume, most compressors feature adjustable threshold levels (the point that the compressor activates) and ratios (the amount the audio will compress). My personal favourite is the DBX 166XS for its smooth sound and adjustable attack & release times.

Tune the System to the environment

This is one of the key points to a better sounding PA, as you are probably aware different venues have different sound characteristics that can affect the way your PA sounds, regardless of how good the PA is. The best way to ‘tune’ your PA is via a Graphic Equalizer (EQ for short), these allow to you add and reduce certain frequencies to suit the environment you are in.

Example: if you are playing in a hall with narrow walls and high ceiling you may find that the top end is a little too loud, the EQ allows you to take that down a little and increase the Low’s and lower Mid’s to balance the sound.

As a general rule the more bands you have on the EQ the more precise you can tune the room, though 31 band is the conventional size used by most industry professionals. Most PA brands make an EQ, so there is plenty to compare and choose from in our range.


So by implementing the above items into your setup you will get a noticeable increase of audio quality and performance from your PA.

To find out how we can help you improve your sound come in-store or call one of our friendly staff today.

Reloop’s BeatPad is Around the Corner

Reloop Beat Pad arriving in Australia soon

The Reloop BeatPad has been one of the most anticipated iOS / MIDI DJ controllers to be released this year. Bringing the best of both the PC/Mac and iOS technologies to deliver a completely portable and powerful 2-Channel DJ Controller.

Already recieving rave reviews from Digital DJ Tips, and DJ Worx and a featured product review in the respected industry magazine ‘DJ Mag‘ scoring a high 8/10 and accompanied with the comment “… Reloop’s Beatpad takes professional DJing with the iPad one step closer to reality…” The full article and review is available here

The Beatpad will be arriving in Australian shores within the next 2 weeks and will be available first from DJ City from a crazy $529, which is below the US street price of $599. With all the hype and daily inquiries on this amazing controller stocks will not last! Pre-orders your today to secure the first Beatpads in Australia.