Korg Microkey 25 Midi Keyboard

The all new Microkey 25 MIDI Keyboard by Korg is so small and compact you can fit it in the smallest of bags. The MicroKey 25 is so portable now compared to the larger models such as the MicroKey61 and MicroKey37 so you can use it wherever you go wether it be at a park or on the train to work.

The MicroKey25 has an octave shift of 4 octaves below and/or above to help find the right pitch of all sounds turning a meer only 25 keys into so much more. Not only does the MicroKey25 have an octave shift but also has an arpeggiator button too go up and down a scale with just one button. The MicroKey 25 also has a Joystick to help navigate through software.

The MicroKey25 is suitable for Mac OS X10.5 or later and is also compatible with almost every Windows computer including Windows Vista and XP.

The MicroKey25 by Korg is only $109 at all DJ City stores and is defiantly a unit worth purchasing for people on the fly and people with a small work space.

Novation Circuit- Groove Box Synthesizer

Introducing the Novation Circuit! A grid-based sequencer with not one but two polysynths and a four part drum machine designed to let you make music literally anywhere. Bringing together unbelievable control with an intuitive layout and incredible sound manipulation, the Novation Circuit will have you smashing out grooves and tracks in no time.

Featuring 32 velocity sensitive, backlit colour pads giving you access to 64 synth patches playable over two separate polysynths allowing you to create cross melodies and chords then lay down some beats with the four piece drum all with multiple parameters of control for shaping your sound the way you want. 16 delays, 8 reverbs, up to 7 side chain effects and a master low/high pass filter mean that every beat and every track gradually forms and expands differently each time you let your imagination flourish.

The Novation Circuit, based off the popular Novation Launchpad, takes portable music production to a new level of a quality capable of complete stand-alone function using an in-built battery and speaker meaning you never have to compromise between life and your music. With real time editing and manipulation, the Circuit is perfect for the studio, live onstage performances and everywhere inbetween.

Drop by your local DJ City store to find out how the Novation Circuit will enhance your track production.

Ableton Push 2 MIDI Workstation for Ableton Live 9

The all new Ableton Push didn’t cut corners when they made the Push 2. The Ableton Push is made with 64 stronger sensitive and RGB back-lit  pads that now wont wear out after large amounts of use.

The Ableton Push 2 now comes with Ableton Live 9 Lite and also compatible with the new Ableton 9.5 which offers scale modes that help approach to playing notes and chords. The software come with over 700 sounds to help customize the sound you want and need. The Push 2 supports up to 16 tracks and 8 scenes with a multi-track recording up to 32-bit at 192 kHz.

The new Ableton Push 2 now has a built in Hi-Definition LED screen for a visual reference of your wave formats. Also the Ableton Push 2 now has 3 different sampling work flow including a slicing mode which instantly chops up longer samples and able to play each slice on a separate pad. There is also a Classic mode that turns melodic samples into a playable pitched instrument, also has a One Shot mode that allows Samples to be played back mono-phonically all the way through.

Ableton has really improved on the Ableton Push and is defiantly a controller you would need in your studio and is avaliable at all Dj City Stores for only $1099, ALSO if you have the previous Ableton Push, you can trade it in for the new Ableton Push 2 for only $769, check out the page on the DJ City website for more information.

Reloop RMX 60 Digital Professional 4 Channel Mixer

Reloop have brought out a new 4 channel digital professional mixer that will not break the budget. At a low cost of $799 the Reloop RMX 60 is a first class 4 channel digital mixer with extensive range of functions that will suit any DJ’s needs. The RMX 60 includes extensive connector options; 11 input / 6 output, customisable EQ’s, aesthetic and sophisticated FX’s options, large LED parameter display, adjustable cross fader curves, active ducking technology and a innovative future proof system that allows your to update your mixer when new firmware is out.

This low cost professional mixer comes standard with a 3-Band EQ  (low/mid/high) on each channel that can be customised, thus allowing you to fine tune your dj style as you switch from a classic or isolated EQ mode. It also includes a dedicated bi-polar low pass or high pass filter extending your creative flow.

The sophisticated FX layout is inherited by its bigger brother the RMX-80. Both RMX 60 & RMX 80 boast eight studio quality effects built into the unit (Delay, Echo, Reverb, Gate, Pitch Shift, Phase, Bit Crusher and Noise), that are adjustable to suit your desired sound. A clear LCD screen has also been included to allowing you to navigate and easily manipulate your parameter and beat functions. The large clear LCD screen also doubles up as a BPM counter making you always on beat.

An adjustable line and cross fader curve has also been added to RMX 60 to suit all different mixing scratching styles. You are able to have a fast cut curve or a more linear curve, to suit your needs. The cross fader can also be assigned freely to any of the four channels, you are also able to change your stock cross fader and install innofaders.

Reloop have also given you the support to upgrade and firmware via the usb port located at the back of the mixer, allowing you to future proof your mixing for many years to come.

At the low cost of $799 for a Professional 4 Channel mixer you would be crazy to pass this offer. Reloops RMX 60 is now on sale at all DJ City stores. If you would like anymore information head down to see our friendly staff at our DJ City showrooms for a demo or give us a call on 03 9706 5359.

Reloop RHP-15 Professional Headphones.

When Reloop make something, you know it’s going to tick all the boxes and do it with style. The new Reloop RHP-15 professional DJ headphones are no exception to the rule with a rich, true sound and a sleek black design embellished with a sharp silver Reloop logo.

With large ear cups enclosing 50mm neodymium drivers, the Reloop RHP-15′s provide exceptional sound quality with significant noise cancellation for use in even the most noisy, demanding environments. Featuring thick headband and ear cup padding to ensure comfort during long sets or mixing sessions. The Reloop RHP-15′s are designed with practicality in mind, allowing you to mix the way you want with rotatable hinges on the ear cups.

These performance ready headphones are made with high quality materials and a sturdy, durable and flexible construction able to survive rigorous gigging and travel abuse. Supplied with a large convenient pouch, the RHP-15′s are a perfect fit for any arsenal, whether practicing at home or rocking the clubs. Perfect for the entry level DJ to the club level DJ.

Pick up a pair from your local DJ City store and experience true quality. If you would like anymore information head down to see our friendly staff at our DJ City showrooms for a demo or give us a call on 03 9706 5359.

Chauvet DJ Shocker180 LED Strobe with USB D-Fi

New to the Chauvet family is the big brother to the Chauvet Shocker90 the Chauvet Shocker180 LED Strobe. The Shocker is a small but very powerful LED strobe that competes with the brightness of old incandescent strobes. Like all Chauvet equipment the Chauvet Shoker 180 is unquestionably robust and durable making it hard to break and is easily transportable in the CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag for even more protection.

The Chauvet Shocker 180 has built in pre-programed effects and chases that can be triggered via master/slave, DMX mode or with a wireless IRC-6 remote. To save time running cables and extension cords for multiple lights, the Chauvet Shocker 180 has a powerlink feature were you can daisy chain units together with IEC-Extention cables to run suitable lights on the one power line.

Cover your show the the an impressive Beam Angle of 65° and a 107° Field Angle. Like the name states, the Chauvet Shocker 180 has 180 white LEDs that have a life expectancy up to 50 000 hours.

The Shocker180 also on top of everything offers an integrated D-Fi™ USB compatibility control for wireless master and slave DMX connectivity with the new product D-FI USB coming soon to our shores.

The Chauvet DJ Shocker180 LED Strobe is in all DJ City stores on demo starting at $289 and with multiple optional accessories. accessories.

Pioneer DJMS9 Professional 2-channel Serato DVS Scratch Mixer.

Pioneer have answered all turntablist prayers and have brought out the new professional 2-channel Serato battle scratch mixer, built to with stand all rigorous scratch routines. Equipped with a fully adjustable Pioneer Magvel Pro Crossfader and fully customisable FX buttons and pads. The DJMS9 boast its state-of-the-art audio processing inherited by Pioneers flagship mixer the DJM-2000nxs.

Pioneers new durable Magvel Pro Crossfader is a magnetic crossfader that can be customised to any scratching artist touch. The ability to change precisely the operational load, cross fader curve and reverse crossfading (hamster style) has now set a new bench mark that surpasses any mixer on the market. The Magvel Pro has also integrated 3 different shock absorbing bumpers that will allow the user to choose there level of rebound.

The 16 high responsive multi-coloured performance pads allow the user to fully customise MIDI, making your creative possibilities endless. The stock performance pads are also used to trigger the; hot cue, roll, slice and loop functions. The DJM-S9 and Serato have also integrated 6 customisable FX buttons, plus 2 banks. Style levers are also new to DJM family that offers a quick access to turn on and off your FX’s. Serato Dj offers up to 45 different FX’s (paid expansion pack).

The 2 inbuilt soundcards enable you and your friends to rip up a back-to-back set without the struggle of changing cables or computers. It inherits a high professional quality 48kHz/24bit sound card that delivers crisp and responsive audio.

Keep your eyes peeled for this immaculate state-of-the-art Pioneer Serato scratch battle mixer coming to all your DJ City stores soon. If you would like anymore information head down to see our friendly staff at our DJ City showrooms for a demo or give us a call on 03 9706 5359.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ MIDI Controller

Hitting the market hard with an affordable MIDI controller, is the new Mixtrack Pro 3 by Numark. Now your probably thinking well its just another MIDI controller, that’s where your wrong. Unlike the older generation Mixtracks, the Mixtrack Pro 3 has 2 headphone jack outputs. Why? Because when you are DJing with a friend or have to change set with someone else, its so much easier to cue the next song with 2 headsets for 2 people.

You know what is also REALLY annoying? Having to use your jog wheel or mouse to find that specific part of the song to transition too. Well my friend the Mixtrack Pro 3 has a needle search that you can use to slide your finger across to find that cue.

But there is more, not only does it come with Serato Dj Intro but also comes with Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit!

So the best thing about the Mixtrack Pro 3 isn’t ALL the specs but that the Mixtrack Pro 3 is only $299 at all DJ City Stores.

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Serato Performance MIDI Controller


Pioneer have hit the mark with the new and improved DDJ-SB2. With everything you need to drop your set, the SB2 is the latest Professional DJ MIDI controller taking entry level to performance ready in a compact, portable size.

Taking what was great about the debut unit in the series: expansive accessible control layout, great design and a portable size; Pioneer have engineered a masterpiece.

Boasting the more advanced capabilities traditionally only found within the more expensive and complex equipment found on the market, the DDJ-SB2 provides exceptional control with intuitive features like the Filter Fade effect to allow simultaneous attenuation of volume and bass filters. Large jog wheels for accurate scratching and individual input-gain pots for each channel, mean this controller is appropriate from your first mix in your room to your first room set in a club!

For information on availability contact the friendly team at your closest DJ City store.

Reloop RMP-4 Hybrid Media Player.. COMING SOON

The RMP-4 is a hybrid media player that is the newest and latest addition to Reloop’s popular RMP series. The RMP-4 is the successor of the RMP-3 alpha, which boasts more functionality that won’t break the budget.

The RMP-4 is a multi-platform media player that can be used as a MIDI controller in conjunction with the programs Native Instruments- Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and Virtual DJ. It combines the functionality of a USB player and a CD player that has new impressive features such as different performance modes.

The integrated four performance modes that Reloop has added are; Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll and Sampler. Each performance mode contains 8 trigger pads that are aesthetically and ergonomically placed for ease and quick access. Reloop have also added a slip mode and an integrated sync mode/ smart-link mode that allows you to access one USB source or DJ software at the same time.

The RMP-4 uses a state-of-the-art sound engine that delivers a distortion free and accurate sound. The VFD dot matrix screen displays all essential track meta data without slow loading times. The sleek and futuristic design encompasses a large jog wheel for all your scratching and pitch bending needs.

This superior multi-platform media player displays the highest quality of craftsmanship that that is always found with Reloop who proudly adhere to the highest standards. It is expected to hit DJ City stores within the next couple of months, just in time for Christmas.

If you would like anymore information head down to see our friendly staff at our DJ City showrooms for a demo or give us a call on 03 9706 5359.