Pioneer DDJ-RZX Video and Audio Performance Controller

The team from Pioneer have once again have out performed everyone’s expectations and are now releasing the ‘DDJ-RZX’. The DDJ-RZX features three- 7″ touch screens that will give you all access to Pioneer’s digital dj system ‘Rekordbox‘ (including Rekordbox Dj & Rekordbox video plus pack).

The DDJ-RZX is very similar to the DDJ-RZ and performs the same way. Like the DDJ-RZ the RZX features; 2 large jog wheels inherited from the famous CDJ-2000NXS2, an in-built 4 channel mixer with dual and quad deck control, 16 large back lit performance pads that can trigger custom quantised effects, hot cues, slicer and sampler. Built with custom sound Colour FX’s such as space, jet, pitch and filter meaning your creative ideas are virtually endless.

Pioneer have also added their new never before seen features such as  combo FX – allowing users to use ColourFX and Beat FX at the same time, sampler repeat- changing lengths of loops via touch screen and a Sub Parameter Control for fine tuning sound colour FX.

The 7″ touch screens allow users to mix audio and also video with out looking at your laptop screen. The touch screen also allows user to preview and monitor video and image files, trigger the beat/release FX, X/Y axis touch FX that allow user to change level/depth of effects and also see high resolution track waveforms and metadata.

DJ City will be stocking the new Pioneer DDJ-RZX. There is no ETA on these performance controllers yet but if you would like more information on this flagship controller give us a call or contact us here.

  • Key Features
  • 3x 7 inch touch sensitive hi resolution screens
  • 2 large touch sensitive jog wheels
  • 16 Large back lit drum performance pads
  • Full Rekordbox function- Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox Video plus
  • Combo FX- Colour and Beat FX combined
  • Gain  & 3-band EQ per channel and dedicated bi-polar LFP/HPF sound filter control
  • VU meters- master and pre fader
  • Sub Parameter Control for fine tuning FX


Behringer Guitar Pedals

Not only does DJ City sell DJ Equipment we also sell musical including everyone’s loved Behringer foot pedal ranges new to DJ City. The Behringer Guitar Pedal Range are a cheep alternative with great taste and flavor with each guitar pedal.

Pick and match your Behringer guitar pedals and create any sound. From Graphic Equalizes to Overdrive pedals there is a pedals for all guitarist like a HD300 Heavy Distortion and a CS400 Compressor FX pedal for a Djenty Guitarist or a VP1 Vintage Phase Shifter and a UT300 Tremolo for a Psychedelic Guitarist.

After selecting and purchasing your guitar pedals you will need a case to hold them in for quick and easy set ups for live performances. The PB600 hold 6 Behringer guitar pedals with built in power supplies and patching cables. If your a hardcore guitarist the PB1000 would be your cup of tea. The PB1000 hold an astounding 12 Guitar Pedals all with built in Power Supplies and patching cables.

If single pedals aren’t your style, the Behringer FCB1010 is a MIDI controlled multi guitar pedal board. Load any of your sounds on to one of the ten pedals and use the 2 expression pedals to freely operate the MIDI channel.

Pop around to all DJ City stores for information or give us a call.


LD Systems RoadBuddy 10 HS Portable PA System

LD Systems RoadBuddy 10

You look like you need a buddy. Well luckily, our friends at LD Systems have got you covered with the new RoadBuddy Portable PA. Just like a trusty companion should be, the LD RoadBuddy 10 is your reliable sidekick for those tricky situations where quality, power, portability and confidence are paramount.

The LD RoadBuddy 10 has got you covered with a 2 way speaker system offering a full frequency range across its 1″ compression driver and a specially designed 10″ woofer, coupled with a high-quality inbuilt UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) wireless mic system providing you with superior clarity and a huge audience capacity.

Connectivity is this guys specialty with inputs for USB, SD cards, 3.5mm Aux, RCA, 2 combo (1/4″Jack/XLR) ins with individual volume control and of course Bluetooth! Driven by a huge 480Watt D-class amplifier and powered by a rechargeable battery capable of up to a huge 8 hours of operation.

All this means a compact, lightweight and powerful buddy that is perfect for your event. For a demo and great price visit your local DJ City shop or give us a call for further info and great service!


Gemini Battery Powered DJ Controlller with Speakers – Mix2Go

The Gemini Mix2Go brings a new meaning to ‘Mobile Dj’. The Mix2Go is Dj City’s most versatile unit with the power to be completely wireless and battery powered. The Gemini Mix2Go has a built in Lithium battery with a battery life of 6 hours. No need to take lug speakers around with this controller, all the speakers you need are built inside the battery powered unit.

The Mix2Go has a large selection of audio inputs to choose from. The Mix2GO has a USB input to play music from on both of your 2 decks through your iPad and/or Tablet, a AUX input to play audio from your phone or laptop, also Bluetooth capabilities from an IOS or Android phone. The Mix2Go also has a jack input for a microphone.The Mix2Go has dual RCA outputs to have the potential to play audio from an eternal source.

The Mix2Go also has built in LED lights at the front of the unit that can be set as an Automated pulsing setting or even Sound Activated. With all this portability the Gemini Mix2Go starts at a very cheep price of $299. Contact any of our DJ City Stores for a demo or give us a call.


Reloop Mixtour Portable DJ Mixer/ Controller

Bigger and better news from the Reloop team, Reloop have announced their new portable DJ mixer and controller the ‘Mixtour’. Dj City are proud to announce that we will be stocking these units in the near future.

The Reloop Mixtour is one of smaller and portable mixers that will hit the market. The Mixtour is the only portable mixer that supports PC, MAC, iOS and Android. So all you DJ’s that are on the run and that needs a portable mixer, this is the mixer for you!

The Mixtour is a fully controllable 2 channel midi mixer that controls the DJ program/app Algoriddim’s DJAY 2. This mixer can be also be mapped with Traktor and also Virtual DJ. The Mixtour features performance modes such as transport, hot cues, looping and grid editing, for all pro performance sets. Two channel strips with club mixer-design and quality- full sized durable and sturdy control knobs, 45mm faders for smooth club transition, 3 band eq, gain/trim pots, bipolar filter and also master or prefader VU metering, big push rotary encoder for track searching and macro effects such as bit crush and delay. Also compatible to mix Spotify songs with a premium account.

This small low latency and low noise audio interface mixer will be coming into DJ City soon. It will be stocked in all stores and on demo soon. Come visit our friendly staff at DJ City or contact us here to find out more information about this portable mixer.

  • Key Features
  • Ultra-portable, all-in-one DJ controller
  • Low-latency 2-channel audio interface for iOS, Android & USB connectivity.
  • Designed for Djay 2 and Djay Pro with mappings available for Virtual DJ & Traktor and it’s fully assignable to other software.
  • FX Mode: Control FX and filter simultaneously.
  • Performance mode: Transport, hot cues, looping and grid editing
  • Gain  & 3-band EQ per channel and dedicated bi-polar LFP/HPF sound filter control
  • VU meters- master and pre fader
  • 45-mm PRO faders including Fader-start support


Fenton FPS Range

A new brand has stuck DJ City recently, Fenton, at very cheep prices. The Fenton FPS range are compact portable PA systems available in 15 inch and 10 inch speakers. The Fenton FPS Range features a built in battery for portable sound capabilities with a wireless VHF microphone and a remote to control the speaker from a far. With built in Bluetooth, you can stream your music/audio from any Bluetooth system.

Portable, Wireless, and compact, the FPS10 is the smallest option of the pair. The FPS10 features a 10 inch driver at 150W a perfect portable speaker for musicians and entertainers alike with built in Microphone and Instrument input. Play audio with the nuilt in AUX input on top of the Bluetooth capabilities.

Bigger, Louder, and Better the FPS15 is the bigger brother to the FPS10. With an additional Wireless VHF Headset to the complimentary Wireless VHF Handheld Microphone, the FPS15 is recommended for larger events, speeches and even weddings. The most impressive feature of the FPS15 has yet to be mentioned, the FPS15 has built in LED lights within the Low Frequency Driver.

The Fenton FPS range is available at all DJ City Stores. Feel free to give us a call at our stores for more information.


Focusrite Scarlett Range – Generation 2 Audio Interface

What do you do with the best and most popular audio interface in the world? If you ask Focusrite, they’ll tell you, make it better. The Focusrite Scarlett series has been the industry standard USB audio interface for professional and home studios alike for years and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon with the recent Gen 2 release.

The red box of wonder gets a complete overhaul with an even sleeker design, metal volume control knobs and massive sampling rates of up to 192kHz. This is on top of the Focusrite super-low latency drivers which ensure accurate and rich recording capabilities with all major DAW’s and smooth operation of even the most intense VST’s.

What else could you want from an audio interface? How about all new, redesigned Scarlett series mic preamps which provide a much more stable gain structure, allowing you to properly and accurately set your levels for superior audio capture. Alongside the new preamps, Focusrite have improved the Scarlett instrument input to make sure your interface will handle even the hottest of guitar pickups.

The new and improved Focusrite Scarlett is coming soon within all DJ City Store’s. Come and contact our friendly staff here to get more news on this professional audio interface.


Chauvet DJ Lighting

The new Chauvet DJ Lights that have been added to the Chauvet Family are here and it’s about time we did a blog about it. Chauvet DJ have been making a path leading lighting in a new direction with the new light that are coming to our shores like moths to a flame.

The Freedom Stick is a completely wireless LED strip bar with a built in lithium ion battery and a built in wireless D-FI transceiver allowing the Freedom stick to connect to your D-FI receiver for full DMX control. The Freedom stick has built in Automated and Sound activated settings as well as DMX control.

The EVE-E100Z is the most powerful LED Profile Spot that Chauvet DJ sells. The EVE-E100Z has an astounding 1 x 100Watt Warm White LED peaking at 3800 lux at 2 meters. The EVE-E100Z has a manual zoom angel of 14° to 30° allowing your gobo to be enlarged or shrunk to the size you need.

The Intimidator Spot 355 with its 90Watt White LED is the best option for installs for discos, parties, large events and more. The Intimidator Spot 355 has an eight colour wheel allowing you to use more than just one colour with the 7 built in gobos.

The MiniKinta-FX is a very affordable DJ Party light with three different built in effects. the MiniKinta-FX is an LED Multi Effect light including a strobe, a laser, and a  a butterfly effect. The MiniKinta-FX has 16 built in white SMD Strobes as well as 4 RGBW LEDs used in the butterfly effect. On top of these 2 effects the MiniKinta-FX also has a Red 100mW and Green 30mW built in laser.

The Beamer6 is a new type of light that has 6 powerful 5 Watt Red, Green, Blue, and White which are able to be positioned the way you want. The Beamer6 has 24 SMD White LED Strobes and a 100 mW Red laser and a 30 mW Green Laser.

The SlimparPro W USB is a low profile White LED Parcan with white, cool white, and warm white variable options. Perfect for staging performances, restaurants, and plays the SlimparPro W USB has 6 x 12 watt LEDs at 3097 Lux at 2 meters.


Come into DJ City and speak to our friendly staff or contact us here.


Sennheiser Wireless Microphones- EW 100 G3 Systems

Is your wireless microphone system causing you headaches? Are you sick being forced to spend a fortune to avoid terrible quality audio, drop-outs and of course the ever-apparent eggshell-like casings? Luckily for you, your local DJ City shop is here to cater to your needs at the price you want! Introducing the Sennheiser Evolution Wireless (EW) 100 G3 Microphone System. A brutally professional setup you need in your kit. 

Whether you’re hitting the stage night after night or providing a wireless solution with a wide demand, the EW-G3 system is there for you. With a huge Line Of Sight (LOS) range and bandwidth to accommodate a massive 12 separate systems simultaneously, even little Timmy gets a mic in this years school play. 

Maybe you’re done with plays and you’re ready to rock. Sennheiser is right there with you making sure you get your message across, crystal clear with wireless infra-red synchronization, illuminated displays and even EQ and soundcheck modes all housed in a rugged metal casing – even the transmitters! Thats right, no more replacing handhelds every time someone drops one. 


The EW 135 G3 Handheld system will have you spinning up the clubs and every DJ event stress free with its unquestionable reliability.


For those important presentations and conferences, the EW 112 G3 Omni-directional Lapel system are sure to please with high-clarity and modest, stylish design.


Movers and Shakers will never miss a beat with the EW 152 G3 Headset system with elastic headband and punchy sound for even the wildest of performers.


Also available in 122 cardioid lapel and 172 instrument/guitar variations. 



Come visit us at a DJ City store and we can help find the perfect Sennheiser system for you!


Beamz Multi Radiant II Derby Effect Light

The Beamz Multiradiant-II is one of the editions to the Beamz family. Like its predecessor the Multi Radiant 1 the MultiRadiant-II is a powerful and bright derby effect lighting that now is upgraded with IR technology and 2 extra colour that is brighter than ever.

The Multi Radiant-II is a leap forward that now comes with a new IR Remote and can be easily controlled from your finger tips. The ease and comfort from the IR remote will make sure that your shows are even better than ever. The Multi Radiant-II also boast a bright 6x3watt HEX coloured LED’s (RGBAWP), DMXing options, auto and sound mode, master/slave mode and a LED screen for controlling manual use.

The Beamz Multi Radiant is ideal for all entertainers and mobile DJ’s that want that want extra within there shows. The new and improved Multi Radiant is now in stock and on demo within all DJ City Store’s. Come and contact our friendly staff here to get more news on the diverse effect light.

  • Key Features
  • 6x 3W single colour RGBAWP LEDs
  • IR remote control
  • 3 or 11 DMX channels
  • DMX and Stand-alone mode
  • Master/ slave function
  • Pre programmed shows
  • Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto mode with adjustable speed
  • DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
  • Control panel with LED display